What Are The Possible Problems Without The Sump Pump?

Water collects in low lying areas like the basement of the home or office and needs to be pumped out automatically or manually. An installed pump amidst that low lying water pool called a sump will address the issue. Give the pump installation some time and patience.

Possible causes of sump pump failure

Being mechanical devices, pumps could fail when aged.  Problems could arise like a lack of maintenance, getting clogged with dirt and debris, etc. Excessive water beyond the pump capacity to handle and power failure are other problems. Incorrect pump installation or manufacturing defects could weaken or stop the function.

Dangers of an exposed sump pump

  • A sump pump without a cover is a common sight everywhere that often leads to clogged dirt and debris over time that slows down or stops the pump.
  • If the pump sits at the bottom of a dirty pit, the mechanical parts become clogged with time.
  • The switch that turns the pump on and off could become jammed. If the pump is stuck in the ‘on’ position, the pump runs continuously.
  • Repair or replacement would be needed, and an airtight sealed lid would be best, being child and pet-proof.

A sump pump unable to cope up

Like every machine, consider the power of the pump. Can it handle large volumes of water like during excessive rainfall if you live in such a region? Consider pump quality and capacity. Cast iron models are certainly better than the cheap plastic ones. Upgrade the pump if needed and add a battery backup too. Perhaps the basements require a second pump installation to cope with the water pumping tasks.

Loss of power in the pump

Three pumps installed together does seem to be overdoing it. Because power may be lost when you are away, two backup pumps will take good care, a conventional pump, and a battery-operated pump. In order to avoid the basement getting vulnerable, it seems a foolproof arrangement. Otherwise, the flooded basement during the storm could destroy power lines. A high-powered backup sump pump should do the needful during harsh times.

An improper drainage system

A sump pump cannot function in the absence of a drainage system that brings the water to the sump. Though the pump may be working fine, perhaps there is no water in the pit. A tiled drainage system internally in the basement or externally would communicate the water. If the drainage channel gets clogged or has collapsed, water will not flow properly. Get a proper drainage system installed with this website informative articles and ideas.

Frozen discharge pipes

The sump pump removes water through discharge pipes perhaps into the garden and far away from the basement that it protects. Make sure that the discharge pipes are covered and protected and free of debris and dirt that might clog it up. Such dangers are particularly important during winter when freezing is a problem. An available attachment takes care of the freezing issue, and the other prevents debris and mice clogging up the system.